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"Art does not exist only to entertain -- but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for the truth."


Downton Abbey, Series One, Episode 6



Matthew and Mary | Say Something

This is so beautiful <3

………. I’m writing this through a pair of rather red&teary eyes but…. I am sooooooooo glad someone has finally done something for Mary&Matthew with this song. I remember when I heard it for the first time these two were the first things that popped into my head; it just screams Mary&Matthew.



important news in australia today



There is a plethora of “Big” things all over Australia…and they’re not kinda big they’re generally pretty massive. How on earth does something like this get stolen? I’m genuinely curious…this is actually hilarious haha

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Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming. And don’t be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve - in declaring the films that you love, the films that you want to make, the life that you’ve had, and the lives you can help reflect in cinema. For myself, for a long time… maybe I felt inauthentic or something, I felt like my voice wasn’t worth hearing, and I think everyone’s voice is worth hearing. So if you’ve got something to say, say it from the rooftops.

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I’m a word freak. I like words. I’ve always compared writing to music. That’s the way I feel about good paragraphs. When it really works, it’s like music.

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And in the end, we were all just humans.. drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.

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You know the thing I always felt/thought with this moment was that it wasn’t the idea of Mary loving him that really struck Matthew and prompted such a reaction from him but it was the word still that hit the sore spot. He hasn’t just found out that the woman whom he has always loved loves him in return but that this love isn’t a new thing, this love has been there for longer than he’s realised. I think that’s what has him so shocked.

He felt so hurt by what he believed to be Mary’s rejection of him that he pushed any notion of love with her as far away as possible. His pride got in the way of his being able to see what was so blatantly right in front of him the whole time.

So I think when Violet says to him that Mary is still in love with him straight away he is beginning to realise that he made a mistake in withdrawing his proposal and walking away from her all those years ago. When she hesitated in accepting him he instantly took that as “she doesn’t love me, it’s the position she wants” and that cut him deep. Of course he had no idea why she really felt she couldn’t accept him. But to learn that she still loves him which then means she has always loved him is what I think is such a huge shock for Matthew.

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“We have this strength inside of us and yet we are taught to always sort of keep it down. I sort of found in my life that I’ve taken a step back and made myself smaller in order to try to fit in. And that hasn’t worked. And we have to learn to kind of embrace what makes us unique, and embrace our strength and then if people don’t like it, fuck it.”

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Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) actually came around the next morning, because we lived near each other at the time, and he said, ‘Have you seen the new book? We’ve got a lot of work to do, mate.’ He was quite happy, and I didn’t know how to break it to him. So I said, ‘Have you actually read it yet, Gaz?’ ‘No, just clicked through it.’ A few days later I’m in makeup and he comes in, and sits down, and goes ‘Have you heard the news?’ ‘What’s that, Gaz?’ ‘It’s terrible fucking news.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘You know how everyone is talking about who dies in book five? It’s fucking me! This woman puts the poor bastard in prison for 12 years, brings him back for a few scenes, and then she kills him!’

—David Thewlis (Remus Lupin)

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