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"Art does not exist only to entertain -- but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for the truth."












Oh my god, she was GORGEOUS. 


If y’all ever thought Minerva was anything short of stunning when she was young, you have been fooled. This witch was a heart breaker, and could spell circles around anyone. Brains and beauty with that lovely lady.

There’s a cat in that painting, forget the woman…I bet you that McGonagall is the flipping cat in this portrait…

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Anonymous asked: Love your writing Katina. Drabble request - more Agent Grantham or Matthew is one of Roberts proteges with whom Mary has been in love with forever. He dates many women and one day finally starts to see Mary differently.


Thank you so much, nonny! I’m a little lost for AG scenes right now, but here’s the second request…It got away from me a little. Modern setting. Enjoy!

Under the Mistletoe

He’s…very full of himself,” Mary muttered, flipping her hair over her shoulder nonchalantly, as though to tell her sister she couldn’t care less about Matthew Crawley. Pft. Sybil gave her a sarcastic smile, resting her head on her chin.

"I dunno, he’s sort of cute," she replied, watching Matthew as he laughed with their father’s colleagues, probably over some joke he’d just told them. "And I’ve seen the way you look at him."

"How do I look at him?" Mary questioned indignantly, hoping she wouldn’t blush.

"Like you’ve got stars in your eyes," Sybil said matter-of-factly.

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amerigirltn asked: Drabble prompt: just as Matthew is trying to get his nerve up to ask Mary out, Evelyn Napier is invited to DA for a weekend. Matthew decides it's time he ups his game only to be thwarted by Cora. Will he win out? Could S1 or AU. Thanks.


Alright, so I’ve been toying with when to set this, but I’m really interested in a 1950s AU for M/M, so that’s what I’m going with. Enjoy!

The Ice Cream Social Disaster


Matthew stared at the sign for the hundredth time outside the post office, his heart racing stupidly as he rehearsed how he would ask her again.

"Mary, uh, so the ice cream social on Friday…You want to come with me? No, no, no. Are you going to the social, Mary? Well, we could always go together. Damn it, no," he muttered with a sigh, turning away to walk home.

And he nearly crashed into Mary herself. His heart leapt and then fell as soon as he saw her on the arm of a man he’d met only twice before: Evelyn Napier.

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No Other Love- Chapter 2

As promised here is the second chapter of my new story ‘No Other Love’ :)

Thankyou so much to all of you who have been reading this story so far- I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter and all that’s to come with this story :) xx

So grateful for all the love I’ve received for my fic “No Other Love” that I started writing for the MM AU Fest at the end of last month :) I was quite surprised and shocked at the amount of people that have started reading it.

Chapter 2 is in the works and should be heading your way shortly! :)


No Other Love- an MM AU fic.

eeeeeep! I know I’m about two days late but it’s taken me that long to come up with a title as well as jump around all the technical difficulties that seemed to conveniently take place when I was attempting to get this story ready…. anywhoo……..

Here is my contribution to the MM AU Fest, an AU series titled “No Other Love”

It began from a prompt in which Mary falls for Matthew first and subsequently has to win and convince him (a prompt which I believe was given by the lovely wdedalus :) ). I do hope you enjoy reading it :)

And lastly a HUGE thankyou to the wonderful Patsan for once again organising such a fantastic little event!! :)

someplaceovertherainbow asked: A few posts back you mentioned that you're beginning to think that the end of Downton is nowhere in sight and I have to say I think you're spot on. However, even though I am a huge fan of the show I have to say that this is not an idea I am entirely comfortable with. Too much of a good thing always leaves one wanting less and it's because I love the show that I don't want it to go on forever. I hope the powers that be know when the moment is right to draw the curtain... Food for thought...


Hi there :)

Eh, that’s a good question: how late is too late?

I mean, talking as someone who watches a fair amount of television I sometimes wonder. I’m a big (BIG) fan of The Good Wife, and it’s been 5 years now, more than 100 episodes, and I think the show is not only very strong still, but that this last one was probably the best season, and TGW only had good seasons if you ask me (it’s not like it’s perfect, but it’s great, great television). Castle is another good example of a long running show that still keps its game strong for a long time-although I’ll admit that the beginning of this season kind of bored me a little? I still have a lot of episodes to catch up with, which I’ll do in a bit :)

Generally I’m not one of these fans who necessarily sticks with the show till the end. I usually keep watching even when I don’t find the writing so compelling anymore, because I tend to become fond of the characters, but even that can last for so long. I guess with DA it was that way in S3 for me: I kept watching but wasn’t overall impressed. And then the CS of doom happened (not my definition, but I find it very apt) and mourning started, lol.

That’s why I have not watched S4 yet. I think I’m in the stage of wearing lilac at the moment in that regard :P

But of course there are many fans who, heartbroken as I was, accepted the change and embraced the new season and loved it. And others who liked it to a point, but still enjoyed the ride.

As I said, DA is still a huge phenomenon, and there’s a lot in it to like, so, of course, till JF is willing to go, and till at least part of the original cast are willing to stay, there’s no reason for ITV to shut it down.

So that’s truly a question we should ask to these who have watched the whole show. For how long should it last?

Looking back at past seasons, for me the 2011 CS was the highest moment of the show (as an episode), but of course back then I would’ve been gutted had the show ended right there. And the end of S3—3x08—felt like an ending in many ways, so I guess that could’ve been another good ending point?

What about the end of S4? Did that feel like an ending too?

But then, when you think about it, endings are new beginnings also, and new characters, new relationships, new dynamics and new scenarios can bring a breath of fresh air or keep the ride interesting even after many years.

So… what would you like to see at the end of DA? What’s the right end for you? I’m really curious now :)

Ohhh my! The endless possibilities that that question leaves me with.

I’m not entirely sure what I would like to see at the end of DA. Because I think like any story there is always the possibility that it could go on forever. Because things never have a clear cut beginning and end. It’s like a piece of cake that has been cut, there’s always something that has come before it and something that will come after.

I guess in the end I just don’t want a sloppy ending; an ending that is just tacked on because the show is no longer doing as well as it once was or an ending that makes us wish the end had been much sooner. Even if the ending is something that saddens viewers to begin with I think it’s much better to go out on a high than to hit a low and realise it’s too late and that there are things that can’t be undone.

I think it could have very well ended at the end of S2 with us all wondering and dreaming about the endless beautiful possibilities between Matthew and Mary. The same of course could never have been said for S3. An ending there would have been terrible because of the cliff hanger nature in which it finished.

And I think you’re spot on about S4. An ending there would have fit quite nicely. Not all the questions had answers to them which is something I quite like and I hope that when JF decides to end the show that he doesn’t madly try and tie up all the lose ends. I think it’s perfectly okay to leave your audience with questions and have them pondering the what ifs- it keeps your show alive long after the curtain has come down.

And then there’s the question of the time jumps. I mean logistically how long can this show keep going? Characters are aging quickly due to the nature of the show. Take into account Violet for example, her age puts here in her 80s which in the 1920s was quite amazing for people to reach that age, not impossible but not entirely common either. So in theory her character can’t last for much longer.

If it’s ITV though that brings about the axe on Downton I do hope that JF is given plenty of warning. A local show where I am, which I adore and funnily enough was once labelled as this country’s answer to Downton, was axed recently whilst the 2nd season is still airing and despite the fact that the third season had apparently already been written.

I hope that for Downton that JF and the other producers bring about the end of the show instead of the network bringing about the axe instead. However I am quite happy for that end to not be in sight just yet :P hehe

someplaceovertherainbow asked: A couple of posts back you answered a question about how you feel about character death in stories & I have to say, I love what you said! As a writer myself I find it can be quite heartbreaking to get to the point in the script where I realise that one of my characters has to die in order for the story to move on to the right place. Which is something I think gets forgotten from time to time; that for writers it isn't always something that they want to do but something they have to do.


That is very interesting, and thank you for writing this.

I think for me it all comes down to the fact that as far as I’m concerned writing, in whatever shape, needs to make sense. I mean people are irrational, petty, have bad habits they can’t or won’t get rid of, sometimes they just let life jostle them as they go along, have moods, act on some sudden passion, make a lot of mistakes, mess things up and sometimes let situations get the better of them. Characters are like that too, and the more they are ‘imperfect’ (but then, what’s really perfect?) the more we can connect with them, feel for them, love them.

There’s a story we’re told when we love characters. And stories can be messy and illogical, and unexpected and exciting just like life is, but in order to be all that stories have a start and an end, they have arcs, and sideplots, and comic relief and drama peeks, they choose to fridge one character to tell the story of another one, they forget about things, they make up unbelievable explainations, they have plot holes, they appeal us with scenes and images and words.

There’s a logic behind any of these things, whether it’s for ‘artistic’ reasons or for reasons of different kinds, I’m not questioning this. Whatever this logic is, and whatever these reasons, of course it makes sense in the writers’ mind.

But a story has always two sides, I think, because there’s the writers’ and then there’s the recipients’, and while the first obviously have free reing over their fantasy and whatever is it they tell and the logic they apply, once a story is out in the world, it’s the recipients business to respond to it.

And readers/viewers do apply their logic in responding to stories, even when the response is an ‘irrational one’ like I LOVE THEM THEY’RE MY BABIES or, on the contrary, I JUST CAN’T STAND THEM, and everything in between.

But if the recipient can see that logic and agree with it, even on a very basic level, being appealed by it, then even death, that is something we don’t want to face in our real life, makes sense, and even the loss of a beloved character (both for the writer and the reader) can eventually make for a very enjoyable experience, however ‘illogic’ that might seem :P

Does that make sense?

It definitely makes sense :)

And it’s an interesting thing to try and take into account when you’re writing; that for as much as it makes sense to you as a writer and for as much as you might want it to happen for your characters it might also not make sense for your recipients. And they will always (well you would hope they would!) feel quite deeply when a character you’ve built them up to love dies.

But then I suppose if their reaction is so extreme or deep then you know you’ve done your job correctly. You know you’ve built something great and worthwhile if people feel for your characters the way you do.

I think that stories too can’t always, unless you specifically want to style them that way, mirror real life completely. A film or a book can’t go on forever so certain plot points have to occur. They aren’t necessarily something that would happen if the story was unfolding in real life but it’s not impossible either. So we as writers have to throw spanners in the works sometimes to move the story on or bring it to a close.

Having said that, I am quite the fan of an unresolved ending and I’ve been known to use one in my works on more than one occasion.

Ohhh boy I could talk about writing and all of its nuances all day! Apologies for the rambling! hehe xx

Matthew & Marry Crawley’s First & Last Kiss

Both of these scenes break my heart EVERY time

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Downton Abbey, Series One, Episode 6